Welcome to the heart of the Rhodopes - the mountain of Orpheus!

Do you know the magic places in our country that can not only bring us back, but even give us a new life? Do somebody remember some of the oldest legends born in our country - even before our ancestors settled on the Balkan Peninsula? The mythical Thracian singer Orpheus was born in the area that we live today. He played his lyre in the magical Meropa Mountain (the middle part of the Rhodopes) and sang with such an inspiration that the whole nature was silent listening to his great art…

Would you like to feel this spirit, this magic?

Welcome to the Borikite Inn and Guesthouse in the beautiful village of Borovo! It is in the Rhodopes.

There is a legend you'll hear! There is a magic you will feel! This is a place where you can break away from the vanity of the big city and breathe fresh mountain air full of the aroma of herbs and flowers. Your soul will not only enjoy the tranquility of nature but you will like the magnificent Rhodopes at once.

The incredible silence and tranquility swallow you giving a feeling of unforgettable experience. Everything around is subordinated to the indescribable and majestic nature.

The village of Borovo is located in the middle part of the Rhodope Mountains. It is in the west of Plovdiv on a distance of 50 km; in the south of the Bachkovo Monastery – 38 km and just 6 km away from the small town of Lucky. The highest point of the area is a Cross peak (Cross forest – 1545 m.), that is 7 km away from the village.

For information and reservation: +359 897 997 448

Call us: +359 897 997 448